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Property Insurance
Provides protection against most risks to property, such as fire, theft and some weather damage. This includes specialized forms of insurance such as fire insurance, flood insurance, earthquake insurance, home insurance or boiler insurance.
Contractor's All Risk
Is an insurance policy which covers contract works, such as new buildings in the course of construction, and engineering projects, on an All Risks basis. This policy would usually include Public Liability cover as well. It is often arranged in the joint names of the principal and the contractors.
Machinery Breakdown Insurance
Is an insurance purchased by any industry or business that may experience an accidental breakdown of its machinery.
This kind of insurance typically reimburses policy holders for damage to property and in some cases, interruption in business activities.
Medical Insurance
Is a contract between an insurance company and an individual or his sponsor (e.g. an employer). The contract can be renewable annually. It covers the loss resulting from an illness or an injury. The common elements of health insurance include coverage for medicine, doctor visits, hospital stays, surgery and other medical expenses. There are different kinds of medical insurance based on the provider as well as the coverage offered.
Workmen Compensation
Is a form of insurance that provides compensation medical care, death & disability for employees who are injured in the course of employment.
Fidelity Insurance
Is insurance to cover losses due to victimization by criminals. Many businesses purchase fidelity insurance that allows them to file claims for employee theft or other offenses with the potential to cause financial ruin.
Life Insurance
Is a contract between the policy owner and the insurer, where the insurer agrees to pay a designated beneficiary a sum of money upon the occurrence of the insured individual's or individuals' death or other event, such as terminal illness or critical illness. In return, the policy owner agrees to pay a stipulated amount at regular intervals or in lump sums.
Marine Insurance
Covers the loss or damage of ships cargo, terminals, and any transport or cargo by which property is transferred, acquired, or held between the points of origin and final destination. Marine also includes Onshore and Offshore exposed property. Hull; Marine Casualty; and Marine Liability.
Erection All Risk
An erection all risks policy offers cover very similar to a contractors all risks or construction all risks policy. It is however aimed more at erection of plant and machinery rather than the construction of buildings.
Liability Insurance
Is designed to offer specific protection against third party claims, i.e., payment is not typically made to the insured, but rather to someone suffering loss who is not a party to the insurance contract
Motor Insutrance
Is insurance purchased for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Its primary use is to provide protection against losses incurred as a result of traffic accidents and against liability that could be incurred in an accident.
Money Insurance
Cash, bank and currency notes, check, money orders, are excluded from the cover given by a fire insurance policy and a separate money policy is usually required. This is written on an “All Risks” basis to cover any accidental loss or damage but will exclude or limit cover for employee dishonesty. Cover can extend to money in or out of a safe on business premises, in the home of any director or employee, in a safety deposit box, in transit to or from the bank.
Education Funds
A fund that supplies money for a child's education. The policy owner agrees to pay a monthly sum of money; in return, the provider guarantees a minimum return over the life of the contract. Maturity of such contracts is when the child reaches the age of eighteen, or in the event of death of policy holder.
Travel insurance
Is insurance that is intended to cover medical expenses and other losses incurred while traveling, such as lost baggage or delayed planes.
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